In the land of Night and Fairy Dust.

yooo i really like femme gendervoid callie…..


yooo i really like femme gendervoid callie…..

Okay gonna take some time to relax and then go too bed. night.
-takes a deep breath then exhales- I hope you have a good, stressless day tomorrow ^.^ and sorry again XD if I do send messages again I will try my best to be a little bit more calm. -bows- thank you.

Hahaha No need to bow. I’ll offer hugs instead. :)

Thank you for the wellwishes hopefully they will help me to power through my classes and exam tomorrow. Also I do luckily have something good coming up this weekend so theres that.

Well wishes to you as well anon have a lovely evening (Or day if thats where its like where you live)

I hope you feel better ^.^ if I can ask is there anyway I can help easy that stress? Sorry if that sounded creepy x.x sometimes I don't know the border between trying to help and being weird x.x also sorry about that part I will stop talking x.x

Having empathy for another person can never be wrong. Just relax and take a breather yourself though anon. I will never ever be judgmental to someone who approaches me with concern or with the intention to help. You aren’t weird and I appreciate the concern but don’t invest too much into me. I’ll be fine. I mostly use my tumblr to complain at times to help vent frustrations or concerns.

I’m actually looking to try and get my own therapy started soon so that should help lighten some of the mental health stress. As for general stress well its just a part of graduating in the spring and having a heavy courseload. I’ll manage. I’ll be exhausted and anxiety-ridden but I’ll manage.

In any case thank you for wishing me well, i don’t mind it. It sort of brightens my day.

Hello again XD remember you mind powers might be coming in :D XD sorry again for you bad day x.x, I am not good at motivating people but maybe write a little bit? My one friend does that to help calm down ^^;.

I would love to write. I used to dabble in fanfic a lot and had many stories on my brain that I do want to get down someday but unfortunately I just have no time.

As it is I’m feeling a little bit better and think my ails are mostly coming from stress. I just need to take a step back from everything going in my day to day life and find some peace and relaxation for the evening.

Thank you for continually offering your support anon. You are awesome.

So i’m pretty sure its because i’m tired, stressed out and ate a lot salty shit but-

Everything tatses off right now and I didn’t feel good this morning when i got woken up at 1 am and felt really hot flushed.

I'm sorry about your bad day :( hopefully you get a break on the weekend ^^; Also there is a new RWBY on tonight so that is sort of okay :D XD. sorry if it wasn't much help x.x

I’ll sort of a get a break this weekend. Actually pretty sure the new rwby is just more worldbuilding and not an actual episode (I just watched it).

Well my day has been nonstop suckiness…..
two exams tomorrow so gonna go to bed soon.