In the land of Night and Fairy Dust.
heading to bed. gonna meet up with a friend tomorrow evening. night.
Having a weird perceptive sense of apprehension and forboding. Often when I get this sense it means something not right is about to happen.

Now this could just be a case of coincidence or self fulfilling prophecy but Idk anybody else get that feeling sometimes?


Weiss Schnee

This took way too long! hope details don’t go unnoticed (゚´Д`゚)゚


Weiss Schnee

This took way too long! hope details don’t go unnoticed (゚´Д`゚)゚

Happy Birthday Achievement Hunter!
heading to bed. have sweet dreams everyone. i gotta get up at 7 tomorrow bluh…

So yeah here are my finish boots for Ruby Rose from the Roosterteeth Original series RWBY. While there are a lot of sellers on ebay selling custom shoes for this particular cosplay I decided to go my own route.

I painted the bottom heel and buckle. I also went ahead and painted the zipper since despite being the closest pair of boots I could find they still had a zipper but the paint makes it blend in a whole lot. We were also lucky and managed to find a notion at Joanns which was almost identical to the ruffles at the top of the boots and somehow managed to get shades in close enough colors that everything matched. I also bought the red colored laces.

All that said i am really, really happy with how these turned out. (Also sorry that tumblr took down the quality on some of the pictures. Also sorry for the lighting.)

Also in case you were wondering these were the original boots:

I might do a tutorial or maybe not its kind of simple. But so yeah I almost done with her just in time for otakon. Only have the belt to do and the wig to style and then its just waiting for my cape and dress I got commissioned to arrive. 

So ruby’s boots are done. Pictures to come later tonight.




another set of stickers for AX in july. hopefully more people than just me will be interested in having these ones b/c i want to stick them everywhere

Am I the only one sad about this picture of Tobias

Because my goal in life is to make saingirl101 cry.

why do you actively hurt me MF

night. about to pass out.

So yeah I’m doing Paprika from the same named film by Satoshi Kon. Ummm…gosh I stink at wig styling/cutting. I’m pretty sure I cut the bottom part too short but hopefully you get what I was going for….*If you thought I was good at cosplay guess again*